Congratulations, Dr. Jaeyun Han!

Our esteemed lab manager, Jaeyun Han, successfully defended her doctoral dissertation, “College Students’ Self-Regulation in Asynchronous Online Courses During COVID-19: A Convergent Mixed Methods Approach,” on October 26. Jaeyun’s dissertation examined the reciprocal relationship between procrastination behaviors and self-efficacy for self-regulation among over 1,000 undergraduate students in 35 courses. She also asked students what they found to be most challenging in their online asynchronous courses during the early months of the pandemic, and found that most students described difficulties with time management and other self-regulatory skills. Her findings highlight the ways in which students’ beliefs in their self-regulatory capabilities and procrastination behaviors are related to each other and differently contribute to course performance. This study has theoretical and practical implications for timely support of college students’ self-regulation in asynchronous online learning courses during COVID-19 and beyond. CONGRATULATIONS, DR. HAN!