Dr. Calah Ford’s new position at Purdue University

P20 Motivation and Learning Lab alumna, Dr. Calah Ford, has started a new position this fall. She is now a Clinical Assistant Professor of Educational Psychology in the Department of Educational Studies at Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN. She will be teaching a course on creating and managing positive learning environments to pre-service teachers as well as an introductory educational research methods course to graduate students.

In addition to the coursework, Dr. Ford will continue to investigate the relationship between failure (e.g., experiencing failure, failure mindset, approaches to failure) and academic motivation in STEM (e.g., self-efficacy, persistence, engagement) for early adolescent learners. This research extends on her work during her time as a graduate student member of P20 Motivation and Learning Lab.

When asked about her time in the lab, Dr. Ford said that, “the P20 Motivation and Learning Lab is an amazing community of researchers and mentors who are all passionate about becoming the best versions of ourselves, both professionally and personally.” She went on to note, “There is a unique culture found in the lab of exceedingly high expectations matched by the support to reach those demands and a grace and celebration for even incremental gains.”

Dr. Ford was amazed how everyone in the lab surpassed their perceived capabilities and realized they could and should set their eyes on higher, bigger, better things. But maybe most of all, Dr. Ford says her favorite part of the lab was “nerding out” with other people who care just as deeply about understanding and improving education as she does.

We wish Dr. Ford the best of luck as she begins this new endeavor and look forward to collaborating on future work together.