Dr. Usher to serve as advisor on Exploratorium project

Dr. Usher will serve as an advisor to the Exploratorium project, “Research on Emerging Adult Learners,” to begin in 2014 and funded by the Institute for Museum and Library Services (IMLS). The San Francisco-based Exploratorium will investigate the potential for museums to influence the lifelong science learning trajectories of ’emerging adultsĀ’ (ages 18-29 who have no children). This research project will look at the impact of a museum visit on four related cognitive and emotional domains within emerging adults: interest in science topics and process; beliefs about the relevance of science to their lives; feelings of their own self-efficacy in science; and self-identity and its relationship to science. Results of this study will be shared with the field to better equip practitioners with the tools to attract, engage, and connect learners with science in ways that persist over time. This study is intended to lay the groundwork for in-depth future research into the most significant areas of impact. The project is led by Dr. Joshua Gutwill and has five advisors: Jeffrey Jensen Arnett, Dr. Lynda Kelly, Dr. K. Ann Renninger, Nina Simon, and Dr. Ellen Usher.