Meet our visiting scholar, Dekant Kiran!


This year, we have visiting scholar Dekant Kiran, joining our lab.  Dekant is a doctoral student from Turkey. Dekant made the decision to join the lab because of this interest in motivation and self-efficacy. He gained interest in the lab when he was reading articles written by Dr. Usher. His current program offers for him to have a one year abroad opportunity. When he gained interest in Dr. Usher and the work she was doing, he decided to take his abroad opportunity and join our lab.

During his year with us, Dekant is hoping to observe projects, observe the American elementary and middle school system, participate in publications and presentations, learn HLM, gain experience in the science education field, improve his English speaking skills, and get advice on his dissertation from Dr. Usher.

Outside of the lab Dekant is taking a statistics class and in the spring he hopes to participate in a motivation course with Dr. Usher. He is also open to the possibility of taking an American history class in his spring semester here. In his free time he enjoys swimming, watching soccer on TV, and trying new types of cuisine with his wife. He is also interested in photography.

I hope you will join me in welcoming Dekant to our lab for the 2014-2015 academic year!

Post by Trisha Douin