Meet our new undergraduate students!

IMG_3039This semester we have six new students who joined our lab: Madelyn, Jordan, Caitlyn, Haley, Shawn, and Alicia!

We asked each of them to share something about themselves and what they most look forward to doing in the lab.

Madelyn is excited to get the real life experience of working in a lab rather than just sitting in a classroom to learn information. She is currently working on the MARA project. Unlike our other students in the lab, Madelyn is studying education and political science. Fun fact: Madelyn lived in Germany for two years!

Jordan is currently pursuing a Bachelors in Psychology with a minor in Biology. She hopes to pursue a Ph.D. in school psychology. While in the lab she is most looking forward to going into the schools for data collection because of the interaction she can have with students. She is most proud of her well-roundedness as a college student. She has GPA of 3.9, is a member of a sorority, is ambassador for the Honors program, and works part time. After working in Bath and Body works fora while in her own words she has become a “scent master.” Jordan’s short term goals include: maintaining a 4.0, getting into graduate school, and finishing a research paper. Her long term goals include: earning her Ph.D., starting a private practice, traveling to Europe, and writing a book.

Haley is currently majoring in psychology and minoring in Spanish. After graduation she wants to be a clinical psychologist who specializes in pediatrics. While in the lab she is most looking forward to getting out in the field to help with data collection. She believes this opportunity in the lab will help her in her future as a graduate student. She is looking forward to all of the opportunities that this lab presents her. Outside of the lab, Spanish is something that she passionately learns about because she believes it is now becoming such an integral part of society. Additionally, she is in the sorority Alpha Kappa Theta. She enjoys being with family and friends while spending time outdoors. For Haley, her short term goal is to get a 4.0 this semester and her long term goal is to have a long and successful career.

Shawn is currently an undergraduate psychology major. He is excited to work in the lab but he is also interested to see if this lab could give him a good idea of what to study in graduate school. He thinks he wants to study clinical psychology in graduate school and focus on the application of psychology rather than research. He wants to see if his experience in the lab will change his mind! Shawn is currently signed up for MAASS project. One interesting fact about Shawn includes that he went to seminary for two years.

Alicia is a junior who enjoys studying psychology because she enjoys learning about how people think and behave. Alicia plans to attend graduate school but is still unsure about where to apply. While in the lab she is most looking forward to doing fieldwork and collecting data. Outside of her time in the lab, she really enjoys music and is a part of the UK Women’s Choir. She enjoys working out and taking KHP classes at UK. She grew up on a farm that was near Cincinnati, so she says she has a little urban, suburban, and rural background. Her short term goals include getting her GPA to a 3.9 this semester, being able to co-author an article from lab research, and getting enough sleep. Her long term goals include becoming a school psychologist and be able to take her parents on vacations to Ireland.

Caitlyn is a senior at the University of Kentucky. She is currently majoring in psychology and hopes to get attend graduate school so that she can study school psychology. While in the lab, she is looking forward better understanding the process of data collection. She is also really interested in working with school age children, and learning about their motivation for future success. While not working in the lab, Caitlyn is currently her sorority president and is honored that her sorority sisters trust and believe in her ability to do this position well. Some of her short term goals include keeping up this semester grades and her long term goals include going to graduate school and becoming a school counselor.