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International Visiting Scholars

Roraima A. Costa Filho is a doctoral student in Human Motricity Sciences at the Universidade Estadual Paulista, Rio Claro, Brazil and is graduated with a M.A. at the same institution. He has a degree in Physical Education in 2008 from Centro Universitário Moura Lacerda, Ribeirão Preto, Brazil and in 2015 he obtained a degree of specialist in Social Cognitive Theory in Education Context at University of Campinas, Brazil. Roraima which also is a Google Certified Innovator (2014) has experience in the field teaching Physical Education classes through kindergarten to middle school in public schools. In academic life, has interest in Physical Education with emphasis on how future teachers and early careers teachers develop their self-efficacy to teach in public schools. During his studies in our lab, he focused on his dissertation and studied the sources of self-efficacy in undergraduate engineering students. He likes to spent his leisure time with friends hanging out and practicing sports. He like soccer and is very happy that finally his national team made the gold in Olympic Games. Email:

pilviPilvi Peura is a doctoral student in Special Education at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland and will be visiting the P20 Motivation and Learning Lab in February 2016 as a visiting scholar. Pilvi graduated from the University of Jyväskylä with an M.A. in Education in 2013, and has since been working as a special education teacher and in research projects at the Niilo Mäki Institute and at the University of Jyväskylä. Specifically Pilvi has been involved in research concentrating on interventions for children with learning difficulties. Her Ph.D. focuses on primary school children’s self-efficacy and how self-efficacy is related to reading and math skills. Pilvi loves ashtanga yoga and experiencing nature.


Dekant Kıran earned his PhD in  Elementary Science Education at Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey. He received his BA from Hacettepe University, Ankara, Turkey. He received his MA in 2010. He currently works as a research assistant in the Elementary Education Department, Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey. His research areas include science teacher collective and self-efficacy, teachers’ professional satisfaction perceptions, student science self-efficacy, engagement, and goal orientations in science education. Thanks to a prestigious fellowship from The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK), Dekant spent the 2014-2015 academic year working on his PhD dissertation in the P20 Motivation and Learning Lab. He enjoys taking photographs and is interested in photography. Email:


Bilge Yurekli earned her PhD in Elementary Mathematics Education from the Middle East Technical UniversityAnkara, Turkey. She received her BA and MA, both in Elementary Education from Pamukkale University, Denizli, Turkey. Bilge had also been an exchange student in Educational Sciences at Philipps-Universität, Marburg, Germany in 2011. She worked as a teacher assistant at an elementary school and currently works as a research assistant at Gazi University, Ankara. Her research interests include teacher education, specifically teacher self-efficacy, as well as mathematics education. In March 2013, she became a member of the lab and is thankful to Dr. Usher for this opportunity. What she loved the most about Lexington were the horses! She was also a fan of cycling, painting, and donuts, so she found more than she expected in Lexington. Email: Linkedin:


Francesca Fanni earned her PhD in Communication Sciences from the Università  della Svizzera italiana in Lugano, Switzerland in 2013. She received a BA in Communication Sciences from the Università  della Svizzera italiana in 2004. After graduation, she completed a one-year master in Communication and Education at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan, Italy. In 2007, she received a master degree in Communication Science, major in education and technology from the Università della Svizzera italiana. Francesca has experiences in working in disadvantaged context, in particular Brazil and South Africa where she collaborated for two research projects about teacher training. Dr. Fanni’s research interests involved the self-efficacy of primary school teachers working with technologies. Thanks to a Swiss National Science Foundation’s bursary, she spent the 2012-2013 academic year in the P20 Motivation and Learning Lab working on her PhD dissertation.  She and her husband now reside in Geneva, Switzerland. Email:



Ana Salgado, earned her PhD in educational psychology from the Universidade do Minho, Braga, Portugal. In 2006, she received her undergraduate degree in Psychology. She has worked as a psychologist in elementary, middle and high schools and as a teacher at two universities. She develops research projects in self-regulation and learning processes from kindergarten to college with her team, GUIA in Portugal. She likes to dream, travel, chat with her friends, aikido, reading, dancing, jazz music, sunsets on summer evenings, and chocolate. Email: