Research Affiliates


MimiBong Mimi Bong, PhD, is a Professor of Educational Psychology and the Associate Director of bMRI (Brain and Motivation Research Institute) at Korea University in Seoul, Korea. Dr. Bong received her doctoral degree from the University of Southern California. Her research focuses on student motivation and learning with particular emphases on self-efficacy beliefs and achievement goals.
pbressoux Pascal BressouxPhD, is a Professor at Pierre Mendès France University and the Director of the Laboratory of Educational Sciences at the University Pierre Mendes France and Grenoble IUFM. His research interests are school and teacher effects, teaching practices, and teachers’ judgments.


Jason A. Chen, PhD, is an Associate Professor at William and Mary School of Education, where he is investigating the motivational affordances of using emerging technologies in mathematics classrooms. He received his PhD in Educational Psychology from Emory University in 2010. 
Daniela Kruel DiGiacomo, PhD, is an Assistant Professor in the School of Information Science at the University of Kentucky. Dr. DiGiacomo received her PhD in Learning Sciences and Human Development from the University of Colorado Boulder. As a community- and design-based researcher, Daniela’s work investigates how to design for more equitable teaching and learning relationships between adults and young people across various lines of difference. Prior to pursuing her PhD, Daniela worked in secondary teaching, school administration, political asylum advocacy, and social work in the Bay Area. She holds a B.A. in Latin American Studies from UC Berkeley and a Master’s in Development Studies from Cambridge University.
gwenjoet Gwénaëlle JoëtPhD, is a data analyst at Pierre Mendès France University in Grenoble, France. Her research focuses on self-efficacy, and specifically how self-efficacy of primary school students in the domains of mathematics and French changes over time.



klassen1 Robert KlassenPhD, is Professor and Chair of the Psychology in Education Research Centre at the University of York. He specializes in designing and testing teacher selection procedures, adolescent motivation and engagement, investigating teachers’ engagement, relatedness, and emotion regulation, and cross-cultural studies of adolescent and teacher motivation.



Morris David B. Morris, PhD, is an Associate Professor in Educational Studies at St. Mary’s College of Maryland. He received his PhD from Emory University in 2010. His research focuses on teacher self-efficacy and its sources.
Tonks Stephen M. Tonks, PhD, is an Associate Professor of educational psychology in the College of Education at Northern Illinois University, where he teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in educational psychology and child and adolescent development. Dr. Tonks received his doctoral degree from the University of Maryland, and his current research focuses on reading motivation and engagement, the effects of high-stakes testing on student motivation, and Japanese students’ motivation.