Student Research Affiliates

Our student research affiliates have been involved in various lab projects, including collaborative research, planning, and data collection, entry, and analysis.




Ross Economy is a doctoral student in Materials Science and Engineering in the Mechanical Behavior of Surfaces and Interfaces group at Clemson University. He graduated with a BS in Ceramic and Materials Engineering in 2009 and MS in Materials Science and Engineering in 2011, from Clemson. His primary research focus is long-term stability of metallic composite films. He has taught introductory engineering courses with Clemson’s General Engineering department and is completing a graduate certificate in Engineering and Science Education along with his doctorate. Ross is interested in pursuing student motivation and retention within materials science courses and finding ways to enhance engagement in large-format service courses. In addition to academic research he also enjoys spending time with his wife, cooking, cycling, and dachshunds. Email:


Jennifer Collins, doctoral student in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
Zijia Li, doctoral student in educational psychology
Miao Li, doctoral student in counseling psychology
Joanne Rojas, doctoral student in educational psychology
Theresa Taylor, doctoral student in educational psychology
Falynn Thompson, master’s student in educational psychology
Igor Vasilj, specialist student in counseling psychology