Visit Educational Psychology at the Ohio State University

Our team had a joint meeting with the Educational Psychology program in the Department of Educational Studies at the Ohio State University on November 17th and 18th.  On the first day, we had a tour of the Dennis Learning Center directed by Dr. Christopher Wolters that provides students with courses, academic coaching, and workshops to develop their self-regulated learning and motivation strategies. We met with Dr. Wolters and members of his research team for a lively discussion about self-efficacy and self-regulated learning. In the evening, we had program-wide networking dinner and social with faculty and students at The Ohio State University. Drs. Christopher Wolters and Shirley Yu hosted the event with great foods and drinks.

On the second day, our team had a series of meetings with various lab groups. First, we met Dr. Eric Anderman’s team to share ideas on motivation and research methods. Next, we had a meeting with Dr. Shirley Yu’s team and Dr. Julie Martin (Engineering Education) to discuss ongoing research on STEM education initiatives. At noon, Dr. Usher, Yin, and Jaeyun gave a presentation at the monthly Educational Psychology Brown Bag meeting. We shared preliminary findings from a large-scale investigation of first-year college students’ success, which involves a social-psychological intervention. We were honored to be a part of this Brown Bag series, which was developed to share program values and visions in an atmosphere of collective inquiry among all Educational Psychology faculty and students at The Ohio State University. Following the presentation, we had an engaging discussion in a meeting with graduate students and Dr. Tzu-Jung Lin directed by Dr. Lynley Anderman.

Our visit offered a great opportunity for more cross-communication between labs and programs. In addition, our time with our colleagues created beneficial for vicarious experiences for us all, which is one of the important sources of our own research self-efficacy! We appreciate all the faculty and students in Educational Psychology at the Ohio State University for this valuable exchange of knowledge and skills. Special thanks to Dr. Chris Wolters for orchestrating the entire visit for us. We hope to enjoy more collaborations in the near future!