Welcome Roraima Costo Filho – Our Visiting Scholar!

IMG_20150709_142425621_HDRThis year we have visiting scholar, Roraima Costo Filho joining our lab. Roraima is a doctoral student studying abroad from Rio Claro in Southeastern Brazil. Roraima decided to come to America because it’s founding of social cognitive theory. He specifically decided on the University of Kentucky and the P20 lab because of Dr. Usher’s papers on the sources of self-efficacy. Roraima is currently working on a paper about pre-service physical education teacher self-efficacy. After finishing his graduate program he plans on getting a career teaching research methodology at a University.

So far Roraima really enjoys UK saying his favorite thing is the national diversity and how welcoming everyone is. And Before he leaves he would like to have written and submitted a paper for AERA, write a scientific report about his studies here, and developed an interview protocol for data collection for his dissertation. Outside of lab work and academics Roraima loves to hang out with his friends, travel and is practically an expert soccer player.  

I hope you will join us in welcoming Roraima to our lab!